Beard Transplant

Beard and mustache are complementary accessories for a man. It changes and completes the facial expression, creating a masculine look. Although absence of beard or mustache and looking young is perceived as an advantage, it can be challenging for those who feel insufficient in their masculine appearance and thus having psychological problems related to the absence. On the other hand, burn scars and other scars can cause loss in the beard –mustache area, seriously disturbing the person.

How does beard transplantation procedure work?
As is the case in FUE hair transplantation procedure, hair follicles extracted from the donor area are implanted in the transplantation area. The procedure is the same as the hair transplantation procedure.

Where the hair follicles are extracted?
For beard transplantation, generally it takes about 3000 hair follicles. If hair will only be implanted in the mustache area, it takes about 400-800 hair follicles. The hair follicles used for transplantation are extracted from various parts of the body or from the back of the head. If extracted from the body, there will be no loss since the hair follicles extracted are non-significant. If extracted from the back of the head, hair will be thinned as much as the number of hair follicles at the back of the head; however, as hair grows around the donor area, no change will be noticed.

Can beard transplantation be applied for folliculitis, scars and burn scars as well?
Beard transplantation can be applied for folliculitis, scars and burn scars as well. It is the doctor who will decide the strategy to be followed during operation considering the state of the patient.

Will there be any scars post-operative?
Right after the procedure, occurrence of rash in the face area and a trace of blood is an expected situation and is temporary. Your skill will turn to normal after washing. Thanks to cutting edge technology devices used during transplantation procedure, operation is completed without and trace or scars.

When will my beards grow?
Post-operative, transplanted hair is expected to be lost following the first 2 weeks. The hair lost between 4 and 8 months will regrow and takes it final permanent appearance.

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