Brow Lift Operation

As a result of the decrease in the flexibility of your facial tissues and sagging due to aging, your forehead and eyebrows slide over your eyelids. Horizontal lines on the forehead cause a sleepy, unhappy or tired face, while vertical lines in the middle of the eyebrows cause an angry look. The operations known as forehead lift or eyebrow lift aim to give a more vigorous and energetic look to the eyes and forehead area and to rejuvenate this area. Combining brow lift surgeries with eyelid aesthetic surgeries provides longer-term youthfulness to both the eyelids, eyebrows and forehead compared to the surgeries performed only around the eyes.

Open surgical technique or endoscopic technique is applied.

In endoscopic brow lift surgeries, it is possible to perform the surgery without causing any bleeding and leaving scars, by opening small holes from several different points in the inner parts of the scalp. With the open surgical technique, the eyebrow and upper eyelid are lifted with an incision made through the hair.

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