Cosmetic Dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry is the application of medicine and art together. It covers the application of general dentistry and some basic procedures together to provide a healthy and beautiful smile.

An aesthetic smile, on the other hand, increases the self-confidence of the person and increases his success in social and business life. First impressions are very important in social life. In the first encounter, the first place the eye focuses on is the teeth and smile of the other party. It is indisputable that sparkling teeth and an aesthetic smile will increase the impact on people.

An aesthetic smile is a natural-looking smile that is compatible with the person's face and allows one to smile freely without hesitation to show his teeth. With aesthetic dentistry practices, a healthy, functional and aesthetic smile is designed in line with the patient's wishes. The important factor in aesthetic dentistry is to protect the function and health of the teeth while meeting the expectation of the person.

Aesthetic Dentistry Services

  • * Smile design
  • * Lamina porcelain and composites
  • * Metal-free porcelain veneers and bridges
  • * Teeth whitening
  • * Porcelain fillings
  • * Bridges with zirconium infrastructure
  • * Porcelain over implants
  • * Gum shaping (gingivectomy)
  • * Orthodontics
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