Mustache Transplant

Mustache is accepted as an important part of male identity in our country. There for lack or deficiency of mustache, its loss due to scars, burn scars or folliculitis can create problems in the social life of people. Mustache transplantation is an effective method used for men who does not have hair in their mustache area due to various reasons.

How does mustache transplantation procedure work?
As is the case in FUE hair transplantation procedure; for mustache transplantation, hair follicles extracted from the donor area are implanted in the transplantation area. The procedure is the same as the hair transplantation procedure. The small amount of blood built up in the transplantation region will go after washing. The area where beard transplantation is administered can be washed within 24-48 hours. Since the transplanted area is fed by the cells, blood can built up or acne-like small blemishes can occur in the transplantation area. This look disappears within 1 week and normal mustache appearance is obtained.

Where the hair follicles are extracted?
For mustache transplantation, implanting 400-800 hair follicles is sufficient. The hair follicles used for transplantation are extracted from various parts of the body or from the back of the head. If extracted from the body, there will be no loss since the hair follicles extracted are non-significant. If extracted from the back of the head, hair will be thinned as much as the number of hair follicles at the back of the head; however, as hair grows around the donor area, no change will be noticed.

Can mustache transplantation be applied for folliculitis, scars and burn scars as well?
Mustache transplantation can be applied for folliculitis, scars and burn scars as well. The strategy to be followed during operation is determined based on the state of the patient.

What is the post-operative recovery process?
Dark red blemishes occurring post-operative, are the blood clots occurring when the blood flowing from the incision channels gets gel-like or semisolid. Washing the area 24-48 hours after the transplantation process cleans the clots and blood clots completely disappear within 1 week at the latest. Although hair will immediately grow in the transplantation area, it will take its final state within 3-4 months. Following transplantation, the patient can get shaved within 2 weeks.

Will there be any scars post-operative?
Right after the procedure, occurrence of rash in the face area and a trace of blood is an expected situation and is temporary. Your skill will turn to normal after washing. Thanks to cutting edge technology devices used during transplantation procedure, operation is completed without and trace or scars.

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