Magnetic Dental Prosthesis

Magnetic teeth have abrasion and impact resistance. It is a technological innovation that will reduce the problems that may occur during use and increase the success rate of the physician. ERC DENT magnetic teeth will provide the ease of use and comfort you want to achieve. It increases patient comfort by preventing unwanted movements of the prosthesis during chewing.

If all the teeth of the patients have been extracted and they are toothless, total prosthesis is applied to such patients. If the patient has a risk due to diabetes, osteoporosis or old age, implant and surgical interventions are inconvenient for such patients.Total prosthesis, which is the most riskfree form of treatment, is applied to such patients.

By using the pusher N - N or S - S poles of the magnet, it applies pressure towards the gums and provides retention and prevents the total dentures from falling out of the mouth.

The existing classical total prostheses in the market, which are applied to patients with weak jaw bone structure, have always created problems for patients; patients did not find comfort and ease of use.

When the conventional teeth in the market are inserted, when the patients cough, sneeze and start chewing the food, their teeth cannot be held in their mouths and the set of dentures comes out of the mouth. There are chattering sounds in the teeth, the patient feels uncomfortable and thinks that he is disturbing the other party.

The magnetic prosthesis solves this problem and the patient can chew their bites comfortably, the prosthesis will not be thrown out of the mouth and there will be no clattering sounds.

For which patients is this treatment suitable?

  • Since surgical intervention cannot be applied to diabetic patients, it can be applied to such patients.
  • Patients with melted jaw bones and eroded gums,
  • Those who are afraid of surgery and patients with cardiovascular disease,
  • Magnetic prosthetic palates can be attached within 1 week to patients who want to have their teeth fitted in a short time.

    Magnetic prostheses do not come off when sneezing, coughing, bending forward, eating and talking. Magnetic total dentures give the best results. It can be done at an affordable price for those escaping the financial burden. Magnetic prostheses will be under the guarantee of the dentist performing the application and the manufacturer.
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