Genital aesthetics is one of the areas that has started to attract attention all over the world in the last 10 years. Deformities in the vaginal area do not only cause concerns about appearance to the patients. These concerns seriously affect the social life of patients by lowering their self-confidence. Deformities in the internal and external genitalia can be painful to patients. Especially the deformities related to the inner genital area bring along other problems.

Thanks to genital esthetic operations, success is achieved in the solution of deformations in the inner and outer genital areas. An increase in the patient's self-confidence and comfort is observed. The increased troubles, irritation and infection caused by deformities are reduced

Vaginoplasty operations are one of the aesthetic operations for the inner genital area. It is applied by gynecologists. It is ensured that the vagina, which expands over time, is narrowed by surgical operation, returning to its former form. It can be counted among the reconstruction surgeries known as reconstructive. This enlargement, which occurs with the weakening of the vaginal muscles, may be accompanied by conditions such as vaginal gas production or urinary incontinence in the following processes. Vaginoplasty operations also prevent these problems. In order to need vaginoplasty, patients do not necessarily have to have given birth or be of advanced age. Vaginal aging is not just about the biological age of the patient. The amount of deformation of the region and the rate of susceptibility to deformation also affect this definition. Therefore, the age of the patient does not need to be above middle age in order to need the vaginal regeneration process.

Vaginoplasty is not just an operation to improve the quality of sexual life. The effect of vaginal relaxation can also be reflected in areas other than sexual life. First of all, it causes serious problems in the self-confidence of the patient. Because of the problems such as gas and urinary incontinence, patients have difficulty in social life. They try to stay away from movements that trigger gas and urinary incontinence. Exercising, lifting weights, sneezing, and even laughing are among these triggers. When all these are taken into consideration, it is revealed that vaginoplasty surgery greatly facilitates the life of patients.

Vaginoplasty surgeries are performed by gynecologist physicians. Because, contrary to popular belief, vaginal aesthetics is not like any aesthetic operation. The operation is a surgical intervention. Therefore, operating room procedures are valid. The operation can be performed by numbing the lower part of the waist (epidural anesthesia). However, general anesthesia is generally preferred for the psychological comfort of the patient. During the operation, the enlarged excess tissue is removed from the vagina. The loosened muscle tissue, if any, is tightened by surgical intervention. No incision is made in the abdomen during the operation. The incisions made remain inside the vaginal area. Therefore, complaints such as traces are not encountered very often. The form of the vagina can be preserved with protective measures to be taken after the vagina has recovered. Kegel exercises are one of these measures. Kegel exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor muscles will help keep the connective tissue strong.

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