Manual Hair Transplant

Manual FUE technique is the isolation/extraction of grafts at the optimal number and quality from the donor area without leaving any scars. Manual Fue technique requires a sensitive touch, physical endurance, excellence in hand eye coordination and hand motor skills.

Manual FUE technique is the technique in which grafts are removed by extraction method without any loss in the graft number.

Advantages of Manual FUE Technique

  • It does not require stitching and no permanent scarring is observed.
  • The back of the head donor area recovers the very next day.
  • It allows for a comfortable and shorter recovery period.
  • In general, no oedema or bruises is observed.
  • Pre-operative, almost no pain is experienced.
  • Pre-operative, activities are not limited as much and patients turn to their daily routines.
  • Maximum number of grafts (hair follicles) are extracted.
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